Assisted Reproduction

The Assisted Reproduction is the set of treatments and techniques that replace the natural process of reproduction in people who have medical difficulties or who, due to their condition, cannot achieve pregnancy naturally. There are different methods to solve these drawbacks depending on the degree of complexity or condition that occurs to achieve a healthy term pregnancy.

There are low complexity reproductive treatments such as programmed intercourse or artificial insemination and high complexity that include in vitro fertilization treatment or egg donationeach one is used according to the diagnosis given by the specialist, in Procrea the treatment is completely personalized.

Durante estos tratamientos se involucran factores humanos, biológicos y tecnológicos para lograr la concepción de un embarazo a término. Hoy en día la reproducción asistida ha desarrollados otras técnicas que involucran el estudio del endometrio (Test EMMA Test, Test ALICE, Test ERA), la calidad del embrión (PGT-APGT-M), donación de óvulos y preservación de la fertilidad, por mencionar algunas. 

If you have more than a year looking for pregnancy or 6 months if you are over 35 and you do not get it, we recommend you schedule an appointment you could have a fertility problem. In these cases, age is a fundamental factor as it determines the quality of the oocytes and sperm involved in the chances of success, our medical team is the best, we have a solution for you.

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