Semen Bank

A plastic cup with sperm for semen analysis with a wooden couple. Planning pregnancy and health concept.

Our Semen Bank fulfills two functions, firstly, it is intended to support couples or women who cannot conceive naturally due to a problem related to the malefactor. The quality standards for the selection of donors are very strict, to be a semen donor we require young men with healthy habits to whom very rigorous physical and psychological tests are applied to guarantee the above. If you require this service we can give you all the information, it is necessary to schedule an appointment so that you can have an approach with our doctors and they will tell you which is the best option.

On the other hand, it is used by those men who, due to a pathological or personal need, need to preserve their fertilitythe treatment that is given to the semen samples is extremely careful and professional, the sperm is frozen for its preservation, cold cryoprotectants are used to guarantee its quality. We assure you that in our Semen Bank we will treat your sample until you decide when you want to use it, the equipment we handle is of the highest technology so you can be sure that the conditions in which it will be protected will be ideal.

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