Egg Donation

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Egg donation consists of the voluntary delivery of these so that they can later be used in women who have problems with ovulation and prevent pregnancy. It is an anonymous donation, neither the recipient nor the donor will ever know her identity, the requirements to be a donor are very strict, a young woman is sought, with excellent physical and mental health.

At PROCREA we carry out exhaustive medical studies to verify that she does not suffer from any type of disease that could compromise the pregnancy. Once the donor has been accepted, it undergoes ovarian stimulation until the desired number of eggs are obtained, through a puncture they are extracted and fertilized with the semen of the couple or a donor, so that once the embryo has developed it can be transferred to the recipient patient. Egg donation does not affect the production of eggs in the future, therefore, it does not affect the chances of pregnancy, it does not increase the incidence of cancer, it does not contribute to early menopause and it does not influence the variation in donor weight.

When any of our patients require this service, they must also undergo an in vitro fertilization treatment, even if the ovarian stimulation step is omitted, later, the conditions of the body will be recreated in a natural pregnancy

using hormones to facilitate the implantation of the embryo is easier and pregnancy is achieved.

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