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When looking for motherhood or you are already pregnant, you should be aware that your life and routine will change drastically, which is why you must maintain a healthy diet, since the development of your pregnancy will largely depend on this. This means that the way you decide to take care of your body through your diet will define your and your baby's health.

At Procrea, we have a nutrition specialist who will attend to you from the start to provide you with a personalized diet according to your needs and preferences, which will allow you to learn to eat a balanced diet and provide a better future for your family.

Meet our specialist

Dra. Ana María Vilas Durán
“It is never too late to improve your lifestyle”

She is a nutritionist from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey with a master's degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. She specialized in Nutritional Management in Pregnancy with multiple Diplomas in Diabetes Education and Breastfeeding courses.

She is recognized by the Mexican College of Nutritionists, the Mexican Council of Diabetes Educators, and Nutrition Coaching certified by the International Association of Coaching.

She studied Nursing at the Spanish Hospital, where she also works as a specialist in the Obesity Clinic and is a collaborator at Procrea as a specialist in nutrition for women at different stages of life.

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