Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Obstetrics is dedicated to providing care to women during all complications that may occur in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, specifically what is known as quarantine, which is the average time that the female reproductive system returns to its natural state and the body recovers from childbirth. Seeing a professional is very important to avoid premature births, bleeding, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, abortions, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus, maternal death, infections, among other recurring problems.

In the same way, an obstetrician is who will determine the weight, position, health inside the uterus and is the person indicated to determine the best way in which the new baby will be born. When using any method of assisted reproduction, the observation of an expert in these issues is essential to monitor the entire pregnancy from beginning to end, regardless of the method by which it was conceived, it will ensure the stability of mother and child before and after the pregnancy. Birth.

Gynecology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the care of female reproductive organs during any stage of life, is an expert in the treatment and diagnosis of the different pathologies related to the device the female reproductive system

seeks to identify and prevent HPV and other STDs on time, avoid cervical cancer, have professional menopause, ovarian pathologies, choose the contraceptive method that best suits you, among other hormonal ailments of women.

At PROCREA we have specialists in gynecology and obstetrics to help you with all these issues, schedule an appointment with our doctors to keep your sexual and reproductive health in optimal condition, care is the best way to prevent diseases. If you have achieved your pregnancy we are here to support you in everything you may need at this stage. In the same way, if you require a study related to your sexual health, we can assist you. Gynecology and obstetrics are branches of medicine that serve women's health, take care of your health.

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