Discover Procrea

We are a fertility and assisted reproduction clinic that specializes in the diagnosis of the causes of infertility and in high and low-complexity treatments to guarantee a comprehensive solution for each of our patients. We focus on giving personalized attention and human quality.

Our certified medical specialists have years of experience in reproductive biology, and are recognized for their ethical and clinical practice. 

“We understand your desire to be parents. From our hand it can become a reality”

What makes us different?

Personalized treatment

Each case is unique

The well-being of our patients is paramount, which is why we provide comprehensive and quality care with specialized support from start to finish. We focus on taking care of your physical and emotional health, from the first moment. We are fertility experts, in assisted reproduction, recurrent pregnancy loss, endoscopic surgery, and other problems related to infertility, gynecology, and andrology.

Why choose Procrea?

Certified team with international experience

We centralize on providing warmth and trust, as we know how complex it is to undergo assisted reproductive treatment. For this reason, for us, you are not a statistic or a figure and we care about your well-being from the first consultation. In addition, our entire team is certified by the Mexican Council of Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialists, A.C.and they stand out for their extensive experience in top-level institutions, research, and collaborations in reproduction centers in the United States and Europe.

Our services

Our Doctors

They will offer you the appropriate information and treatment according to your case. We understand more than anyone your desire to have a baby, which is why we are constantly preparing ourselves in reproductive medicine to achieve it together.

The director of Procrea, Álvaro Santibáñez,, is the current president of the Mexican Association of Reproductive Medicine and our entire team is dedicated to the study and practice of the causes of infertility, to provide you with the best opportunity to have a successful pregnancy.