About Procrea

We are the fertility and assisted pregnancy clinic that specializes in the diagnosis of infertility in high and low complexity treatments to guarantee a solution to our patients. We focus on giving personalized and human-quality attention.

Our certified doctors and years of experience in reproductive biology, have been recognized for their ethical and clinical practice. They will offer you a personalized solution to your fertility problems. We understand your desire to be parents, with our hand it will come true.

What makes us different?

Personalized treatment

Each case is unique

Our entire team is dedicated to giving a unique and personalized treatment to our patients who seek to fulfill their dreams. In addition, at PROCREA our health professionals have medical specialization in Human Reproductive Biology. The well-being of our patients is paramount, we are committed to giving you the satisfaction of giving life. We are experts in fertility, assisted reproduction, andrology, recurrent pregnancy loss, endoscopic surgery, and more.

Why choose Procrea?

Certified team with international experience

We carry out from the pertinent studies, diagnosis, subsequent consultations to the low and high complexity techniques that you require. Our treatment is comprehensive and personalized according to your initial diagnosis, we accompany you throughout the process.

We focus on providing warmth and trust, for us you are not a statistic or a figure. Our entire team has the relevant certifications and great experience in institutions of the highest level, research, and collaborations in breeding centers in the USA and Europe, our team of experts will help you find a family. We are certified by the Mexican College of Specialists in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

PROCREA Our Services

Certified by
Colegio Mexicano de Especialistas en Ginecología y Obstetricia, A.C.

With years of experience, our medical professionals are recognized for their ethical and clinical practice, offering you the information, treatments, and follow-up that you require in a personalized way. Understanding more than anyone, the desire that you and your partner feel to be parents.

Constantly the professional life of our doctors is dedicated to the study and practice of reproductive medicine that provides our patients with the best opportunity to succeed in achieving pregnancy and having a child.