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When a couple presents fertility problems in both or one of the members, it becomes an issue that causes insecurity, anxiety, and concern, the couple is undoubtedly put to the test, the support of psychology in these cases is essential to help in This process.

It is an experience that causes stress and pain, at first due to not being able to achieve pregnancy in a natural way, then comes the medical diagnosis of knowing what are the causes of infertility and what are the possible alternatives. Once treatment has started, the anguish of knowing if it will be functional or not increases the restlessness, if the initial treatments are not adequate and pregnancy is not achieved quickly, the distress of the couple can lead to depression in both or any of the members. The mood and strength of the couple depend largely on psychology.

Facing infertility problems is never easy, that is why at PROCREA we assist you with personalized psychological care during and after this stage, all our staff has the corresponding certifications so we assure you that you will have first-rate treatment.

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