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In our facilities, we have a laboratory and everything you need to carry out the studies you require in a timely manner according to the stage you are in. We carry out the necessary studies and techniques to carry out our assisted reproduction treatments, Assisted Reproductionsuch as IVF,inseminaciónICSIPICSI,, vitrificación de óvulos, punción ovárica, diagnósticos preimplantacionales, etc. Contamos con un laboratorio especializado en andrología y ofrecemos los siguientes servicios:

It is a study in which 3 factors of semen, sperm concentration, mobility, and morphology are analyzed.

Microbiological studies focused on detecting the presence and growth of bacteria and fungi in semen that affect sperm and may be a factor in fertility problems.

It is a technique in which the semen is washed and purified to obtain the sperm with the best mobility and morphology.

The aging process of sperm is studied. This allows us to determine what type of assisted fertility treatment would be most viable.

In this study, the lesions of the genetic material of the sperm are analyzed, the more there are, the less chance of achieving a successful pregnancy.

It consists of a surgical intervention in which a portion of testicular tissue is extracted to obtain live sperm, given the absence or poor quality of them in the semen.

We carry out pertinent studies to determine the health of donors such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, among others.

The samples are mixed with a cryoprotectant that prevents cell damage to preserve them inside tanks with liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C for later use.

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