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All the support you need to attain your dreams

Procrea Method

3 key elements

Our certified doctors with years of experience in reproductive biology offer you a customized solution to your fertility situation. 

Procrea is more than just a fertility clinic

We offer 360-degree solutions


Backed up by our extensive experience in In Vitro Fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination, and additional treatments.

We care for you

We are a thorough clinic, considering all the aspects that our patients go through when undergoing treatment.

Our doctors

Passionate about life and family, seeking to give an opportunity to those who want a pregnancy.

assisted reproduction

Life Project

We want to help you form your ideal life project

Single Mother

Mother whit female partner



Causas de infertilidad

Miomatosis uterina

¿Qué es la miomatosis uterina? son tumores benignos que se originan en la matriz de la mujer (útero) y tan solo el 1% o menos,

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