Procrea Planning

All the support you need to attain your dreams

Procrea Method

3 key elements

Our certified doctors with years of experience in reproductive biology offer you a customized solution to your fertility situation. 

Procrea is more than just a fertility clinic

We offer 360-degree solutions


Backed up by our extensive experience in In Vitro Fertilization, Intrauterine Insemination, and additional treatments.

We care for you

We are a thorough clinic, considering all the aspects that our patients go through when undergoing treatment.

Our doctors

Passionate about life and family, seeking to give an opportunity to those who want a pregnancy.

assisted reproduction

Life Project

We want to help you form your ideal life project

Single Mother

Mother whit female partner



Hormona antimülleriana

Estudio de Hormona antimülleriana

Te damos a conocer los Términos y Condiciones de nuestra promoción de enero 2024: Estudio de Hormona antimülleriana. La promoción incluye un estudio de Hormona Antimulleriana. El descuento

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