Medical tourism and assisted reproduction in Mexico

Within the procedures of medical tourism in Mexico, the treatments of Assisted Reproduction they occupy the third place, preceded only by cardiovascular operations and plastic surgeries. Patients who decide to undergo a procedure in Mexico come mainly from the US, Canada and some parts of Europe, which means a cost reduction of between 30 and 80 percent depending on the sector.

In recent years, this type of tourism has been strengthened in the country, in the first place, due to the application of Medicare, which raised the cost of many of the interventions that were carried out in the United States and, on the other hand, the waiting time which sometimes takes months and is a vital factor in finding a solution to many medical problems.

The constant training of health professionals in Mexico, the avant-garde of the medical equipment used and the facilities in which all these procedures related to the fertility have placed Mexico as a benchmark in medical tourism worldwide. All these fertility treatments are held in privite assisted reproduction clinics .

As for figures in the country, according to INEGI, in Mexico, 17 percent of the population of reproductive age suffer or will suffer at some point in their lives fertility problems, however, this is only an estimate since there are no exact figures of how many people are those who undergo annually fertility treatments.

In Mexico, public hospitals that provide care for this type of fertility problems they are very few, according to figures Hospital de Gyneco Obstetricia No. 3 of "La Raza", care is provided to about 12 thousand patients each year, however, this number falls short of the cases that are added nationwide . It must be considered that a good part of the Mexican population does not have social security, it is for this reason that, in the same way as foreigners, the majority must be attended in fertility clinics individuals, which guarantee better quality care.

Once you go to a clinic assisted fertility, the first thing is to determine what are the causas de infertilidadBased on this diagnosis, it is defined which treatment is ideal to achieve a pregnancy and bring it to an end. The reasons for infertility they can be different, ranging from a hereditary condition, untreated sexually transmitted diseases or abortions without medical supervision.

In addition, the current lifestyle increased the cases of diabetes, hypertension and the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs in young people have also had a great growth. On the other hand, women tend to postpone their motherhood until after the age of 35 in search of professional success; all these factors alter the function of the organism and can lead to fertility problems.

The cost will depend on the fertility treatments that should be used, there are low-complexity ones that include scheduled intercourse and artificial insemination or of high complexity that refer to the in vitro fertilization treatment and all its variants like mini IVF or egg donation.

At Procrea we have experts in Assisted Reproduction, we recommend you attend an appointment assessment as soon as possible to determine causes and treatment options. fertility treatments According to your case, the longer you let the problems go by, they can get worse.