Reproductive tourism in Mexico

Turismo reproductivo

The reproductive tourism refers to making a trip for medical reasons, specifically, to seek pregnancy through fertility treatment in an assisted reproduction clinic. 

Worldwide it is estimated that more than 186 million people live with infertility, each year the number increases, this has become a serious problem for many countries, first of all, it is due to the delay of motherhood due to current demands and , on the other hand, environmental or medical factors influence. 


Lack of access to reproductive technology

It is true that the technological advances to solve this condition already exist and in many countries they are highly developed, however, access to them is still very low, causing thousands of couples to not be able to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. The reproductive tourism emerges as an ideal option for these. 



In the first case, it is due to the fact that in the place of origin there are no adequate clinics to carry out this type of procedure, which requires state-of-the-art technology and first-class facilities. 



Due to the difficulty of this type of treatment, the costs can be very high in some countries, nations like Mexico with the ideal place to carry them out, because there is a high medical quality in this sector and the prices are quite considerable, if make an international comparison. 



There is a serious problem regarding the laws surrounding Assisted Reproduction that is worth mentioning, in many countries this type of practice is prohibited for different reasons. In some because there is no necessary information and in others for reasons that are considered ethical. 


Travel for reproductive tourism

Whether you are in a state within the country or outside of Mexico, at Procrea we have clinics in Mexico City and Puebla, we handle ourselves with high professionalism, so we assure you that the attention, follow-up and your treatment It will be wonderful. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to get to know wonderful places and attractions located in the surroundings of our locations. Contact us so that we can give you all the information.