Fertility treatment in Mexico

tratamiento de fertilidad en México

Have you considered doing a fertility treatment in Mexico? Assisted Reproduction is one of the areas that is growing by leaps and bounds in our country, infertility is a problem that affects thousands of couples worldwide, according to data from the World Health Organization, indicate that around 186 million people suffer from it, however, there is no specific and unique treatment that provides a solution, each case is different and requires personalized attention.

In the case of Mexico, approximately one and a half million people find it difficult to get pregnant spontaneously, although it could be thought that it is a minor problem, the consequences are severe at a psychological, physical and economic level.


Assisted Reproduction in Mexico

The reality is that in our country there is no clear legal framework, public health institutions do not have certain plans to follow for this type of case, for the most part, it is private clinics that provide care to those people or couples who come in the impossibility of conceiving. The same happens in other nations, there are no conditions to be able to attend adequately, Mexico represents an opportunity for a large number of patients because it has the medical infrastructure to offer this service. 


Your fertility treatment in Mexico

There are multiple clinics to treat infertility, however, you need to know that not all of them are ideal for you, and even less so if you have decided to make a trip to carry out your fertility treatment in Mexico You should consider some things beforehand. Before starting the journey, make sure you go to a recognized place where they clearly explain what they offer you. 


Why choose PROCREA?

We are a comprehensive fertility center, we have more than 12 years of experience that support our work. Honesty is one of our values, we will be frank about the possibilities you have regarding having a baby, always according to your diagnosis. Come with us, do not risk being abused by fraudulent institutions or doctors. 


Quality facilities 

In our clinic you will find that we have the highest quality and technology in our laboratories, work hand in hand with our business partners, Igenomix, an international company that supports us with genetic studies. 


Experienced doctors 

All of our doctors have the proper training and certifications to provide you with the care you deserve.



Our costs are fair, we offer you international quality in each of our procedures, we will walk hand in hand with you at every step.


Where do you visit us from?

Tell us from which city you want to schedule and start your fertility treatment in Mexico, we have online appointments for a first approach to your case, trained personnel will be at your service to provide you with suggestions about lodging and the places you have near our clinic.