Embryo or Blastocyst Transfer


What is it?

Embryo transfer is a procedure that assists with traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF), traditional intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI), or Physiological Intracytoplasmic Injection (PICSI).When an ovum has been fertilized in the laboratory, the conditions required for the correct development of the embryos are provided; In this process, it is necessary to take care of the stability of the fertilized eggs, therefore, the temperature, oxygen, humidity, and other factors must be rigorously controlled.

When the development of the embryo has occurred without problems, the embryo or blastocyst transfer is carried out by an ultrasound in which the entire procedure is verified, it is necessary to wait a few days to verify that the implantation is given correctly. Before the procedure, you can perform variously

studies to determine its qualityPGT-APGT-Min the same way there are tests to verify the quality of the endometrium. (ALICEEMMA TestERA).

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