What is it?

In an in vitro fertilization treatment the first step is hormonal stimulation to excite the ovaries for the production of more oocytes than in a normal cycle, these will be extracted through a follicular puncture, they can be fertilized by IVF, traditional ICSI or PICSI,, if the maturation of the gametes into embryos was successful, they are frozen to be used at the time they are required by an embryo transfer.

Liquid nitrogen is used at very low temperatures, any biological activity is stopped, however, its physiology remains intact, cryoprotectants are also used that prevent cells from suffering any damage. The process is completly safe so it does not affect the embryo in any way and is an ally for couples seeking to preserve.

your fertility.This process is generally used when in vitro fertilization treatment several healthy embryos are obtained and they are not used, but it is determined that they are viable to be used later if necessary.

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