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La fertilidad de hombres y mujeres puede verse afectada por otros factores que no necesariamente son enfermedades, sino hábitos que podemos trabajar hasta eliminarlos y mejorar las probabilidades de conseguir el embarazo. 



Es bien sabido que el consumo de nicotina afecta la salud, reduciendo la probabilidad de vida de hasta 10 años, dependiendo del consumo. Sumado a esto, el problema aumenta ya que, los cigarros no contienen únicamente micótica, sino que en su composición tienen otros agentes dañinos. Las mujeres fumadoras reducen en un 50% las probabilidades de embarazarse, el cigarro provoca una mala calidad ovocitaria, embrionaria y en otros casos, menopausia adelantada. Para el caso de los varones, afecta de igual forma, en la estructura cromosómica de los espermas. 


Drinking alcohol regularly is another factor why you could be having trouble getting pregnant. The consumption of 2 or 3 drinks weekly in women is associated with ovulation problems and hormonal alterations. If you're trying to get pregnant, it's time to quit!



If you are one of those who usually consume more than 3 cups of coffee a day, we are sorry, it is time to reduce your consumption, in adequate amounts, 200 or 300 mg is recommended, when this limit is exceeded, the blood vessels narrow which favor poor blood circulation, this can hinder the implantation of the embryo.



Whether excess or deficiency wreaks havoc, obesity or malnutrition or anemia are two conditions that comprehensively affect the body, including the hormonal axis and gonadotropin (GnRH), essential for the production of oocytes in the case feminine and of sperm, in the masculine.



It's not a joke, the current pace of life always has us running, in a hurry, things are for yesterday, everything is urgent. Stress produces a substance called cortisol, its excessive presence in the body causes women to have alterations in their menstrual and ovulatory cycles.

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