Chronic diseases

¿Qué son?

Chronic diseases are one of the reasons you could have problems getting pregnant, these types of diseases usually affect your entire health in a general way, different functions in your body begin to degenerate. Therefore, if you suffer from any, it is necessary to go to a specialist who can attend to you until you achieve it.



It is one of the chronic diseases that has increased its incidence worldwide, in 40 years its presence increased by almost 300%, in 1980 it was estimated that there were 108 million people with diabetes, by 2014 the figure was 422 million.

Diabetes can be defined as the excessive presence of sugar in the blood due to a metabolic failure, in which the body fails to produce enough insulin to process it, over time different organs are damaged, although it is possible to control it, not It cures. 

Diabetes affects female and male fertility, in the case of women, it generates hormonal problems due to which changes in ovulation or menstruation may appear. In males, it has been found that there is structural damage to the sperm present in the seminal fluid.



Although suffering from this disease puts pregnant women at risk since a growing baby transforms and completely alters the functioning of the body, putting the life of the pregnant woman at risk. In the case of men, recent studies show that the presence of sperm in the semen is lower than in those who do not suffer from it.


Myomas or cysts 

Myomas are tumors of various sizes that appear during the fertile life of women, in most cases, there are no effects, however, when they grow they can deform the uterus preventing pregnancy, if it has been achieved, they can cause gestational losses.

Por su parte, los quistes, son pequeñas esferas compuestas de un tejido que en su interior puede contener líquido, sangre u otras sustancias. Los que suelen afectar la fertilidad son los ováricos, estos pueden aparecer debido a que el folículo que da origen al óvulo no se abre para liberarlo o bien, una vez liberado no se cierra de forma adecuada, llenándose de líquido. Cuando la presencia es múltiple puede tratarse de Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.


Pelvic inflammatory disease

It is the chronic inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries due to the presence of bacteria in the area, its origin has to do with infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, including bacterial vaginosis not treated correctly at the right time can produce it. In the most severe cases that cause infertility, the possibility of ectopic pregnancies also increases.


What can I do about these chronic diseases?

Suffering from any of these chronic diseases deteriorates your health in a general way, if you still do not have children and want to seek pregnancy, start treating these conditions. At Procrea we work hand in hand with doctors from different specialties to find a solution to your problem, come to us, we can help you.

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