What is it?

To understand what endometriosis is, it is necessary to make it clear what the endometrium is. This can be defined as the inner layer that covers the uterus, is in constant proliferation according to the time of the woman's menstrual cycle, when there is no fertilization, the endometrium detaches and comes out in the form of blood through the vaginal opening, It is what we call menstruation, in case there is an embryo, it is the place where it is implanted.

The endometriosis is a condition that causes instead of all the endometrial tissue coming out of the vagina, it goes to other organs, it is an ectopic or abnormal endometrium. What happens is that, when the time of menstruation arrives, the body tries to remove it, causing pain and intense bleeding, in places other than the uterus.

The endometriosis then can be defined as the presence of endometrial cells outside the uterus such as ovaries, intestine, bladder, etc. It has different states, depending on the progress of the disease, however, there are cases in which mild endometriosis can occur and have problems getting pregnant. It is an increasingly common condition in women of all ages and it is a chronic disease.



Many endometrioses can be asymptomatic, however, most of them have symptoms, amenorrhea or pain is the main one, the intensity will depend on the severity of the disease. The second is the inability to get pregnant. Patients with very severe endometriosis , for example, may have stomach discomfort if the intestine is affected by the endometrial tissue.



The most common is due to a retrograde flow, in theory, menstruation should come out through the vagina, however, in this case, the opposite happens and because the tissue cannot come out it is implanted in other organs. The other is lymphatic dissemination, the lymphatics are responsible for transporting blood cells and more substances, due to an error it causes the endometrial tissue to be present in other organs. And finally, it may be due to the Müllerian ducts, which form some anatomical structures such as the uterus, the remains can form endometrial cells in other parts of the body.



The main thing is to have a correct diagnosis, and then find a solution based on the patient's objectives. For cases of infertility or severe pain, it is necessary to carry out an operation with specialized medical equipment, in addition to being done only by a specialist who has extensive experience in this type of case. For a successful treatment, the procedure must be performed correctly. The patient with endometriosis can become pregnant and live without pain.

At PROCREA we work hand in hand with Dr. Ramiro Cabrera to provide a solution to this condition in its different stages; gynecologist and obstetrician, has High Specialty in Gynecological Endoscopy, currently focuses on providing care to patients with endometriosis in Mexico, and is in charge of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Medica Prado LIFE, is constantly in updates and courses on laparoscopy and gynecology endorsed by IRCAD LATIN AMERICA and European Academy of Gynecological Surgery. For this reason, when we come across these cases, our patients are referred directly to him to seek joint treatment.

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