About us?

We are a fertility and assisted pregnancy center, we are committed to attending each case in a particular and comprehensive way. If you and your partner are looking to be moms, PROCREA is the right place to achieve your dream.


It is the exclusive In Vitro Fertilization method for women who actively seek to share motherhood

We are specialists in carrying out the ROPA method, which consists of in vitro fertilization carried out in pairs of women. One is subjected to ovarian stimulation to be able to extract the eggs that will be fertilized by donor semen and be transferred to the uterus of her partner previously subjected to a procedure so that when the embryo transfer is carried out, the implantation is successful.

In this way, the donor of the eggs would be the genetic mother and the recipient the gestational mother. The semen can be provided by someone you know or a sample from the Semen Bank is used.

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