Egg donation

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What is it?

Egg donation is an Assisted Reproduction treatment highly complex that consists of carrying out the fertilization of a donated egg through in vitro fertilization treatment, it is indicated for women who do not have ovulation or in whom their oocytes are of poor quality and prevent the fertilization by spermatozoa or that compromise the health of the possible baby with genetic or chromosomal diseases due to age, disease or abnormalities of the mother. It is usually a complex process because sometimes the woman who will be the recipient does not accept that she will not carry her genetics despite gestating it in her womb.

Unlike traditional in vitro fertilization treatment eggs should not be extracted for which ovarian stimulation is not required, the only stimulation is performed to prepare the endometrium so that the embryo implantation can occur more easily.

The donated eggs are fertilized with sperm from the partner or a donor through in vitro fertilization treatment, can be used ICSI or PICSI, according to the case, the donor of the eggs is previously selected with high-quality standards to evaluate their physical, psychological, and genetic health to ensure that the eggs are in perfect condition to be used in assisted reproduction treatments


We carry out from the pertinent studies, diagnosis, subsequent consultations to the low and high complexity techniques that you require. Our treatment is comprehensive and personalized according to your initial diagnosis, we accompany you throughout the process. We focus on providing warmth and trust in the deal, for us you are not a statistic or a figure. Our entire team has the relevant certifications and great experience in institutions of the highest level, research, and collaborations in breeding centers in the USA and Europe, our team of experts will help you find a family. We are certified by the Mexican College of Specialists in Gynecology and Obstetrics, A.C.  

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