Intrauterine Insemination

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What is it?

It is an Assisted Reproduction treatment that consists of injecting a previously processed semen sample directly into the uterus to facilitate the arrival of sperm to the ovum to increase the chances of fertility. It is frequently used when the sperm or cervical mucus have low quality, which prevents the correct movement of the sperm.

It is a very simple practice in which the semen is subjected to a wash where the healthiest sperm are chosen to increase the success rate. No anesthesia is needed, it is fast and safe. To use this method, the doctor must determine that at least one of the tubes is permeable that allows the passage of sperm simply.

Hormonal drugs are used that stimulate the growth of one or two follicles, through ultrasound the development is verified; Once the maturation of the eggs is ideal, the semen, which can be from your partner or a donor, is introduced through a cannula and progesterone is administered to help the embryo implantation.

In insemination with donor semen, the sample comes from a healthy man, has the required quality and quantity of sperm to achieve gestation, is used when there is a hereditary disease in men, testicular failure, or in women without a male partner who wants to get pregnant It is recommended to try between 4 and 6 months, after this period it is difficult to achieve conception through this option.

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