Physiological intracytoplasmic injection (PICSI)


What is it?

The physiological intracytoplasmic injection technique (PICSI) is a variation of ICSI, used in traditional in vitro fertilization, the procedure consists of fertilizing the ovules outside the maternal uterus, both gametes are put together, waiting for some of the sperm to penetrate the oocyte In ICSI ,the embryologist selects the specimen with the best size, shape, and mobility to introduce it directly with the help of a tiny pipette, ensuring the fertilization and development of a better embryo, the difference with the PICSI is that the selection of the sperm is carried out with less subjective studies than observation to verify that it is the most mature specimen and in the best conditions for union, so the quality of the embryo will be even more optimal for embryo transfer, increasing the implantation rate.

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