Chronic Endometritis Causing Infection (TEST ALICE)


What is it?

This study is carried out in women with recurrent implantation failure with a factor related to chronic endometritis, the ALICE test is capable of detecting the 8 bacteria that cause this condition because, in 66% of the cases of implantation failure they are related to it, about 30% of women with infertility problems suffer from it.

Endometrial tissue biopsy is performed between days 15 and 25 of a natural cycle or when there is the secretion of progesterone in a hormonal cycle. When the sample is positive, it indicates which are the causative pathogen bacteria and in what percentage, so it is easier to determine the specific treatment for that bacterium, there are other diagnostic methods, but they are not able to specify the causative pathogen, in addition, this test can indicate the presence of other bacteria related to some STDs.

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