Testicular Biopsy


What is it?

This procedure is used for cases of male-factor infertility, it is simple, fast, and painless thanks to the use of anesthesia, it consists of cutting a small piece of testicular tissue to be analyzed by specialists, on the one hand, it aims to know the cause of infertility, knowing if it is an obstruction or some other problem; On the other hand, it is used when there is no presence of sperm in the male's semen to look for a specimen that presents the optimal mobility and morphology conditions so that it can be used in an in vitro fertilization treatment, in these cases it is resorts to the ICSI or PICSI, a technique to ensure that the female gamete can be fertilized since the number of sperm obtained is generally very small.

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    Female doctor and patient in protective masks talking at clinic. Client receiving consultation from medic at hospital