This privacy notice regulates the way in which we will treat the data that you provide us and those that, for statistical purposes, we collect when you enter and use our site. https: is a site of MEDIREP, S.A de C.V

Of your data
Medirep undertakes not to sell, exchange, transfer, share, publish or disseminate to third parties outside Medirep, without your authorization, the data that you provide us through the registration or contact forms on our site. Your data is yours. The only way we would be forced to disclose your data is by order of a competent authority.

Of your authorization
By providing your data to use to quote our products, you authorize Medirep to collect and process the personal data specified in point 5 of this privacy notice for the purposes mentioned in point 4 of this same notice. Likewise, your entry of personal data constitutes your agreement and acceptance of our privacy notice and the modifications that may eventually be made.

Of your ARCO rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) and how to exercise them
Para el ejercicio de cualquiera de los derechos ARCO, usted deberá presentar la solicitud respectiva a través del número telefónico: (+52) 5555313665 al correo electrónico: . De la misma forma, podrá oponerse a que sus datos continúen en nuestra base y darlo de baja de la misma. Si tienes alguna duda puede enviarnos una carta a Medirep SA de CV, en Av. Central 206, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos 01180, Álvaro Obregón, CDMX en atención al Departamento de Servicio al cliente.

Del uso de tu información por parte de MEDIREP
The personal information you provide us will be used to:
- Contact you about questions related to your treatment.
- Send you communications about promotions or news from "MEDIREP" or its business partners for marketing, advertising or commercial prospecting purposes.
- Personalize your experience when browsing our sites.
- Facilitate the purchasing process through our site.
- Notify you of the changes that may occur in our privacy notice.

From the information we collect
The information that we collect and whose treatment governs this privacy notice is the following:
- To get in touch with you in relation to any comment or suggestion you make in our contact form, we collect by name, surname and email.
- To personalize your experience when browsing our site, we collect the operating system you use, the browser you visit us with, the pages and articles you visit on our site, the time it takes us to stay on our site, the articles that mark as favorites, the articles that they share in a social network through the tool that we provide in each article, IP address, username and password.
- To send you information about promotions or news about "Medirep" or our business partners, we collect your email.
- To notify you of changes that may occur in our privacy notice, we collect your email.

If you authorize it and the configuration of your machine allows it, we will send a file called a "cookie" that will be installed on your hard drive to allow us to identify the preferences you have selected, if any, to improve your experience on our site in accordance with the information mentioned above in this privacy notice. None of the information stored in the "cookie" will be disclosed by "Medirep".
If you do not want our "cookie" to be installed or you want to delete the one that has already been installed with your authorization, you must do the following:
- In order not to allow our "cookie" to be installed, you must configure your browser to not accept cookies from the site
- To delete the "cookie" that has been installed with your authorization, you must enter your browser preferences, locate the "cookies" administration tab or section and delete the "cookie" corresponding to the site.

By deleting or preventing the "cookie" from our site from being installed, you may lose the settings you have made to personalize your experience on our site or prevent such customization.

Security guarantee
Despite the fact that "MEDIREP" uses the most advanced technology to save the data it provides us, there is a probability that there may be a defect in the programming of the applications we use, which allow forced access to information. Even when this situation occurs, your data is protected by advanced encryption processes that make it impossible to usefully retrieve the information by a third party outside of “MEDIREP”. Our guarantee is to do everything that is reasonably in our power to protect your data.

Information from other sites
You should take into account that the information you provide on sites other than "MEDIREP" may coincide with that which you have provided or will enter in the "MEDIREP" forms. Consequently, you must be aware of and be responsible for taking the same care that your information has on the "MEDIREP" sites, on the other sites where they browse or on information of any kind.

Policy changes

Changes may be made to this privacy policy from time to time. We suggest you visit this page frequently to be aware of possible changes or modifications that may occur. Do not worry, with everything and changes, your information will be safe with "MEDIREP".

Contact and Manager
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or the way we handle the data you provide or collect, please send us a message to the Patient Care Department, which is in charge of managing the data collected in our bases. To contact him, just send an email to Our commitment is to answer you within a period of no more than 48 hours, except in the event of an excessive workload, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

Identity and conventional address
Your data is processed and protected by Medirep S.A. de C.V, Av. Central 206, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, C.P. 01180, Mexico City.

Limits on the use or disclosure of your data
If at any given time you wish to limit the use of your data by “MEDIREP”, for example, unsubscribe from a news list, but wish to continue using the site's services or receive other types of communications, please write to us at email: and we will disable the services you do not want to receive. We ask you to wait five business days after your change request for it to be reflected. This means that in that time it is likely that you will continue to receive, provisionally, you will be notified by mail when we have made the changes.
To limit the use of your data, we may not be able to continue providing one or more of the services that you have requested and for which the data whose use you are limiting is needed.

Transfer of your data
By accepting this privacy notice, you authorize "MEDIREP" to transfer the data you provide us or those we collect, to its business partners. At all times, "MEDIREP" will ensure that its business partners are aware of this privacy notice and are bound to abide by and respect it.
If you wish to revoke this authorization, we ask you to follow the procedure established in this privacy notice.

Revocation of your consent
At any time, you can revoke the authorization you have given us for the processing of your personal data. The way in which you can carry out said revocation of authorization is by requesting it by email to or by postal mail to MEDIREP, SA de CV, Blvd. AV. Central 206, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos, C.P. 01180, Mexico City, in attention to the Customer Service Department.

Keep in mind that by revoking your authorization, it may not be possible for us to continue providing the service (s) for which we use the data we collect.