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Assisted Reproduction

Assisted Reproduction

Procrea offers assisted reproduction treatments with the most advanced techniques, we aim to provide our patients the precise solution to their infertility problems<./p>

Infertility is a disease that makes it impossible to conceive a child naturally or carry a pregnancy to term after a year of active sex life.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Our medical specialists are responsible for the control of your pregnancy and ensure that everything is in perfect condition until delivery or caesarean section.

Regarding gynecology take care of women's health care at any stage in life, because they are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting women, such as contraception, cervical cancer early detection, diagnosis and treatment of human papillomavirus infection, vaccination, early detection of breast cancer menopause and menopause virus.

Maternal-Fetal medicine

Maternal-Fetal medicine

It is a subspecialty of obstetrics dedicated to diagnose and troubleshoot the mother or fetus during pregnancy, the goal is to reduce mortality and diseases such as cleft lip and cleft palate, hydrocephalus, cardiac abnormalities in the fetus, trisomy, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, control high-risk pregnancies and ensure that both mother and baby are in the best condition at birth.





Psychological counseling is aimed support our patients during and after treatment, preparing to face the emotional impact of infertility.

Sperm Bank

Sperm Bank (Donor)

This service is intended for anonymous donation, samples may be intended for single women, couples where the man has a seminal severe disease or in men with no sperm.


Clinical analisys laboratory

In the Clinical Analyses Laboratory all studies needed for diagnosing fertility or any condition with the highest quality standards to provide security and confidence our patients are processed.

Egg donation

Who is a candidate to be an egg donor?

This service is destined to the anonymous donation, these samples can be destined to women without couple, to couples where the man presents / displays a serious seminal pathology or in men with absence of sperm.
The donation is an altruistic act in which the young woman undergoes an ovarian stimulation treatment for approximately 10 days, to donate her eggs to another woman who can not get pregnant

Any woman between 18 and 30 years of age, with no family history of chronic degenerative diseases, with good physical and mental health .. Donation is an altruistic and anonymous action and you should have a great sense of responsibility.

What does it consist of?

In the controlled stimulation of the ovaries, what is done is a treatment based on drugs injected with hormones that lasts approximately 10 days.

It will bring me some consequence in the future?

  • Does not affect your chances of pregnancy
  • It does not affect the number of ovules that you will have in the future
  • Does not make you fat
  • Does not increase the incidence of cancer
  • It does not advance menopause
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