Procrea is the Center for fertility and assisted pregnancy of excellence, specializing in diagnosis and reproductive treatments of high, moderate and low complexity thus we guarantee a solution for you.

With years of experience, our medical professionals, recognized for their ethical and clinical practice, will be able to offer information, treatments and personalized monitoring you need. Understanding more than anyone, the desire you and your partner feel about being parents.

Professional life of our doctors is dedicated to the study and practice of reproductive medicine that provide our patients the best chance to succeed in getting pregnant and having a child.

It is our priority that you receive the medical treatment you deserve, so:

We perform the necessary procedures, from the initial diagnosis and subsequent queries to low and high complexity techniques.

We design a personalized plan of diagnosis and treatment.

Carefully monitor your progress.

We are always available to answer your and your couple questions.

What makes us different?


Certified team with international experience. All our team works at high profile institutions dedicated to human reproduction.

We have an experienced team of embryologists working with breeding centers in the US and Europe.


We have experience in:
Mini In-Vitro Fertilization (Mini IVF), minimal ovarian stimulation, moderate ovarian stimulation, as well as techniques for sperm selection, healthy ovules and embryos.
We have experience in PICSI, Preimplantation genetic Diagnosis and DNA fragmentation of spermatozoid.


Suitable to your necessities.

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Mexico City

Av. Ejército Nacional # 678 1er piso Col. Polanco Reforma, México D.F.

+55 (0155) 5531 - 3665
5531 - 6681

Schedule: 8:00 a 20:00
Saturday: 8:00 a 14:00pm

City of Puebla

Paseo Ópera No. 4 - 109, 1er. piso, Sonata, Lomas de Angelópolis, Puebla.

+52 (222) 283 - 98 - 96

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